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Some [but not all] Past Programs

Cooking Classes

Korean food, all vegan! At past events we have made kimchi, gimbap, and dumplings.

Popcorn Parties in #ConnectFort

Its a P O P C O R N P A R T Y in a B L A N K E T F O R T !

Grab yourself a drink or snack, and head on over to Riley Park for a chill evening with friends. Socialize, giggle, and mingle all inside the cozy glow of the #ConnectFort Blanket Fort.

Pizza Party!

Exactly what it sounds like - a create your own Pizza Party (free!).

There will be a variety of toppings to choose from to add to your pizza base. Once you have finished making your edible creation we will we pop it in the oven to your liking, we then welcome you to devour it slice by slice and enjoy the company around you.

Entreprenuer Socials

Local business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs come together at the fieldhouse every month or two in various social gatherings.

In an effort to create and nourish open source entrepreneurship (OSE), the idea of openly encouraging and supporting businesses, we put on problem solving potlucks known as, "More Lemons More Problems." We gather, share a potluck meal, and discuss the very real risks and pitfalls of running your own business. Contribute your own topic, or chime in on issues such as the best payment system to choose or how to value and merge startups. These meet ups provide a valuable source of community, as well as critical knowledge and tools to flourish in a competitive economy.


Our "Change Makers Social" events, are more casual meet ups, designed for you to make real connections with other like-minded people in the community. We bring together the most amazing entrepreneurs of passion and purpose who are drawn to connect, to collaborate, and to support each other in entrepreneurship and in making an impact in the world.

Zero Waste Community Dinners

Working in collaboration with several local stakeholders, including the Riley Park Garden Group, UBC ethnography students, and local nutritionists, and funded by the Vancouver Foundation, and City of Vancouver's Neighborhood Small Grants program. These events will bring community meals, that are not only zero waste but also locally sourced. Accompanied by facilitated discussions about sustainability and local food.


Fit Club

Join us for many free yoga classes and workouts in the fieldhouse and the surrounding park area. Class types vary so that you can continue to challenge your body in different ways with yoga, cardio, dance and more! Prepare to sweat, stretch, strengthen and have fun. Everyone is welcome!​

Fieldhouse Fix-it: Clothing Swap and Mending Workshop

Need some fresh threads? Want to repair the button on your favourite jeans? Never fear - Clothing swap is here!

Join us at the Merakos Fieldhouse for a clothing swap and Mending session. Bring clothes you want to trade, and your beaten up but well loved items to our in house seamstresses for instruction on how to fix those pesky little rips and tears.

Make it at Merakos - Art Workshops

A free (donations welcome) art class hosted at the Merakos Fieldhouse in Riley Park. More details about the content of the class will be updated here, closer to the event date. 'Like' our page to see updates.

Some art supplies provided for free, some cooler ones like wood panels, canvases, etc. available at cost. Feel free to bring your own sketchbooks, pencils, paints, and pastels! Spaces are limited so please RSVP by hitting attending for a spot. Make It at Merakos happens the first Thursday of every month, all summer long.

~ If you would like something to eat or drink, please feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages ~


Salsa Under the Stars

Nothing breaks the ice with your neighbors faster then stepping onto the dance floor. A free lesson on how to twirl and spin will kick off each dance session. Steps are being taken to collaborate with local musicians, to offer live acoustic music to accompany the dancing. All in all, a regular night of spins and dips to spicy Latin music under the stars and twinkling lights in Riley Park.

Outdoor Yoga by Mat Collective

@Kits Beach:

Free yoga classes just off of Kits Beach. Gazing out across the ocean, onto Stanley Park. You won't find any other class in Vancouver as magical as this one! Find us on the grass, in Hadden Park at the intersection of Maple and Ogden, look for a little board with the Mat Collective logo on it! Bring your own mat and water.

@Riley Park:

Free yoga classes in Riley Park, just off of Main Street & E 32nd Ave. With views of Queen Elizabeth Park and beautiful community gardens, yoga under the clouds and in the sunshine will certainly help you relax and find internal focus! Find us on the grassy mound on the North side of the park, and look for a little board with the Mat Collective logo on it! Please bring your own mat and water.

Live Schedule @

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As we can't bring our community together in person at our beautiful Fieldhouse, we will be sharing some monthly ideas on how to stay connected with your local community and hopefully give you some motivation to try something new. 

Inspired by the annual polar bear dip, we're starting with the idea of cold water swimming...

Beach Fun