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WhERE does THE

NAME Merakos  come from?


From Selina's first community garden @ VPL KITS

​Merakos is a cozy studio space inside Riley Park suited for workshops and gatherings. It is part of of a little cottage on the east side of the park, sandwiched between Main Street and Queen Elizabeth Park. The field house is part of the Vancouver Park Board studio residence program (info below).

  • The building itself used to be a little caretaker suite- anyone who lived in these houses had to be an existing park board employee.

  • At least 2 of our neighbours have worked on our field house over the years and our neighbour and local artist Mia used to live here! After Covid-19 we hope to finally do a showcase of her work:  @mia_tessaro on Instagram.

Inside the Merakos Fieldhouse, you will find a quirky bunch of women who just genuinely like spending time together and doing fun things. We are each unique but see the beauty and art in everyday things and we love making events  that bring joy to our community. 


In light of COVID-19, the Fieldhouse is temporarily closed, but this won't stop the spirit of community we have built. We will be bringing out monthly articles to motivate, inspire and engage with our wonderful community. Do you have any suggested topics or ways to engage? Let us know, we love to hear from you!

Merakos is part of the Vancouver Park Board's Field House Activation Program. The Vancouver Park Board's Field House Activation Program provides space in a fieldhouse and access to parks to create activities that engage the community focused on one or more of our priority themes: Arts, Culture, Sport, Environment, Local food and Social Entrepreneurship. By repurposing underused space in fieldhouses into small community spaces, this program aims to: Animate our neighbourhoods with place-based activities focused on one or more of our priority themes: Host programs in locations where people already gather; Provide space for user groups in exchange for community engaged activities


For more information about this program go to

Park Board Logo


As we can't bring our community together in person at our beautiful Fieldhouse, we will be sharing some monthly ideas on how to stay connected with your local community and hopefully give you some motivation to try something new. 

Inspired by the annual polar bear dip, we're starting with the idea of cold water swimming...

Woman by the Lake