Merakos Fieldhouse is a free community space for workshops and gatherings. While our space is generously provided by the Parks Board in exchange for our work with the community. There are lots of very real costs associated with having and maintaining space and running accessible programs. From insurance, internet, and office supplies to program materials. We welcome donations in all forms.

HelP     Run

Success is not created
by one person
but a team that comes
together as one.

  • Toilet Paper

  • Soap

  • Microwave

  • Hot Plate

  • Tea or Coffee Beans

  • Gift Cards or Business Contributions 

  • Video of the Merakos space, event, or program

  • Photos of our space, event, or program

  • Blog post or other articles, tweets, or other relevant content

  • Local business sponsorships

  • Inspire us! 

Skill share



Space sharing program

We know what it's like to have great ideas but no space to do it. That's why we created a space sharing program. If your project is free to the public you can use the space in exchange for donated items you don't need. 


Just some of the individuals and businesses who have contributed their time, love, energy, and supplies into collaborations, community programming and the overarching progress of Merakos' as a community hub. 
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