Wednesday Yoga Classes

Every Wednesday since January we have hosted a free fitness class inside the fieldhouse. Wednesday Fit Club's format changes week to week depending on the instructor. Thus far, we have only had yoga classes, which have been great! We clear all the furniture to the side, and the students stare out the window into the green park as they flow to different tunes. You'd be surprised at how many yoga mats we can fit inside the studio!

Many of the students (myself included) have made new friends in the community since coming, and even re connected with old ones! Everyone comes from a different fitness background so you will find every ability and age at these classes; from bendy yoga teachers to new yogi's who practice with a chair for support.

Personally, I can't wait until summer time when we can do yoga outside. I find nature so relaxing and there is something special about being able to gaze up at the clouds while you are moving.

Please feel free to join us every Wednesday 12:00-12:45pm! You can check the schedule for class and teacher details.



ps. If you are interested in teaching, hit us up at This is a unique space, hosted by both the fieldhouse and Mat Collective, where new teachers can gain experience and experienced teachers can try out something new. We're here to support your growth as a teacher! Get creative.