The Cost of Running Free Community Programs

Merakos Fieldhouse is nonprofit that provides free community space for workshops and gatherings. It is entirely volunteer run! While our space is generously provided by the Vancouver Parks Board in exchange for our work with the community, there are lots of very real costs associated with having a having and maintaining space and running accessible programs. From insurance, internet, and office supplies to program materials, it adds up. We welcome donations in all forms.

Studio Wishlist


  • toilet paper

  • hand soap

  • tea

  • coffee beans

  • gift cards or business contributions

  • raffle items for events

  • blender

  • pots and pans

  • baking dishes and trays

  • drill

  • paint brushes and rollers

  • power tools (sander, screw driver, saw, etc...)


  • video of our space, event, or program

  • photos of our space, event, or program

  • blog post or other articles, tweets, or other relevant content

  • local business sponsorship

  • inspire us with other ideas - we're open to suggestions and collaborations!

Or help by donating via PayPal!

Every little bit helps! Thank you!

We are happy to exchange our own services and space in exchange for items on our wishlist. Let us know what we can do for you! Send us an email at or drop by one of our events.


Rebecca & Selina, Studio Managers