The Riley Park Community Garden

Merakos has the pleasure of sharing a building with the Riley Park Community Garden Group! They have the work space on the North side of the building, and we are on the South side. We have worked on several projects and park improvement initiatives together since we both got residency at the fieldhouse early in 2017.

Photo featuring Varouj and Felicia, taken from the Garden Group's website.

This fall, before the weather turned rainy, I had the pleasure of assisting Varouj with his Shakespeare-inspired original play. The play is called, "The Garden," and is about a traveler (played by me) who had a conflict with the Business Man (the man in the blue sweater). There is also a choir who is commenting on the conflict.

Check out the video of "The Garden" below!

"The Garden," produced and directed by Varouj Gumuchian.

Varouj and Susan worked hard on the story, the lines, painting the wood panels, setting up a sound system, coordinating music and much more. The product of their hard work was great, and enjoyed by many passerby's and friends. A special thanks to Sanny, Janet and Michael for filming this!

If you would like to learn more about the community garden, feel free to stop by the fieldhouse, or visit their website at They are a pleasure to have as neighbors, and I look forward to working with them again soon!

Enjoy your fall and stay warm!

- R