A little bit about us!

A bit about Merakos, including some of the projects we worked on this fall. All in a lovely video made by Sanny, Janet and Michael from SFU.

Check it out!

These other videos below are of some of the other fieldhouse's in Vancouver. Again, they were created by students from Simon Fraser University, School of Interactive Arts and Technology with support from the City Studio Program.

David Gowman is at Maclean Park Fieldhouse

Mr. Fire-Man (artist David Gowman) invites community to explore the craft of building musical instruments and spoons from local wood. Check out their website here.

Lexie Owen is at Burrard View Park Fieldhouse

Lexie Owen is an interdisciplinary artist interested in sculpture, craft in the expanded field, social practice initiatives, and curatorial projects. From back alley walking tours with botanists to community sewing circles stitching maps and text, Owen investigates by making objects, forming societies, and intervening in public space. Check out their website here.

Interview with Fresh Roots Director Mark Shutzbank about Fresh Roots’ work with schools Norquay Park Fieldhouse

The food hub is a central gathering place for a thriving neighbourhood food system and food-based community activities, events, and celebrations. Check out their website here.

Riley Potting Studio is in Riley Park

The Potting Studio is used to: House garden tools and supplies, host community meetings to discuss food literacy and education programs, Facilitate workshops The educational workshops held in the space reflect the garden groups’ core vision to improve food security, ecological sustainability, and community development. Check out their website here.