Introducing the Collective: Meet Alice!

Hey there! My name's Alice, and I volunteer at Merakos Fieldhouse to bring impactful programming to local folks, particularly youth. I founded Stoke Socials in Spring 2019 to fill a niche I found in my own life: a place I can connect and socialize with other young changemakers outside of work or conference contexts. Folks working in impact oftentimes can suffer from burn out because of how invested they are in the outcomes of their work. Stoke Socials give a space for people to socialize, create community and connections, and stoke each other's spark to pursue their impactful work. In other parts of my life, I am a Program Manager at Elements Society, an Associate with One Earth, a Project Coordinator with the Share Reuse Repair Initiative, and the Customer Success Manager with Quupe. Outside of work, I'm an avid paddler, a dog mama, an outdoors enthusiast, and a big food lover (both eating and cooking).

Interested to learn more about Alice and Stoke Socials?

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