Virtual Art GallARy

Hidden in plain sight, this augmented reality art gallery in Riley Park features a curated selection of drawings, photography, (and pieces somewhere in between) from local artists. Bringing British Columbia’s diversity of nature, industry and humanity to life to the palm of your hand.

This GallARy will be active from

July 16, 2022 until the end of September.

Art Submissions

How it Works

There are five exhibits in this virtual gallary around Riley Park featuring a variety of local artists and styles. Learn more about the artists here.

To experience this installation:

  1. Go to Riley Park in Vancouver, BC.

  2. Start at the fieldhouse where you can download the Hoverlay App.

  3. Scan the QR codes located around the park to load the exhibits.

  4. Walk around and look through your phone screen to view the content.

  5. Drag, enlarge and rotate the images as you like! 

Current Exhibits

GallARy map.png


Augmented Photography by

Sam Garmulewicz (Coasted Imagery)


Photography by Lu Busca (Lubufoto)


Augmented Photography by 

Sam Garmulewicz (Coasted Imagery)


Pointillism by Sarah Hatherly (Roar Shack)


Augmented Photography by

Sam Garmulewicz (Coasted Imagery)


About the Artists

Off the rack
Sam Garmulewicz (Coasted Imagery)
Vancouver’s iconic architecture, industry, nature, and culture through a reality-shifted lens.

I often forget names, but always remember faces. Raised with love on the West Coast, photography has always been a calling. By immersing myself into digital imagery, I can now exhibit what I see and what I feel.

There are many sides to my bed, but whether I open my eyes in mania, depression, or anywhere in between, I know if I can find common ground with myself I can move forward. I don’t always find beauty in the same places, but if I look hard enough it’s always somewhere.

Autumn Colours
Off the rack
Lu Busca (Lubufoto)
Photography capturing the spaces in between moments.

Lu Busca is a Canadian-born Uruguayo living and working on unceded Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam Territory.

His art is inspired by the concept of 'liminality' - the spaces inbetween and the ways in which we cross them.

Autumn Colours
Off the rack
Sarah Hatherly
Dot-work inspired by nature, love, and tattoos.

I never thought I could draw until I discovered pointillism while practicing stick-and-poke tattoos. Impatient and afraid to make a mistake, my drawings always felt rushed and unfinished.

Creating a piece, dot by dot, forces me to slow down and focus on each step of the process. While it may take days to get there, every point of the journey is a meditation on the little things we do, contributing to something much bigger. There are no mistakes - it’s just part of the process of creation.

Autumn Colours

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